DIAS gives you a unique and perfect opportunity to personalize and brand the products you choose. Personalization and branding with initials, logo, metal letters, hot stamp, laser engraving is a new fashion trend in the world, and DIAS brings it closer to you. 

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Start your journey - personalize.

A. Hand-painting..

B. Laser Engraving.

C. Hot Stamp.

D. Stamp with gold or silver foil.

Step 1.

Choose the personalization type.

Step 2.

Choose Your Design. Choose what you would like it to be. Initials, Letters, Name and Surname, Short Message, Favorite Number , Symbol etc..
The price depends on your choice.
Hand-painting (from 900 - 1500 - EXAMPLE)
Laser Engraving (500 - 900)
Hot Stamp (only initials / letters 500 - 900 )
Foil stamp with gold or silver foil (only initials / letters 500 - 900 )

Step 3.

Enter the required data to get started.

What would you like to personalize. (Example VR or V. Runtevski or V. R or V. Runtevski or V. 33…)

Fill in:

Step 4.

The creative hands of the DIAS team begin the production process. We are really grateful that you put your trust in us to guide you through this journey.